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One of the best Bible resources out there. Many searchable translations, translation text comparison, topical, Greek and Hebrew study tools, concordances, commentaries, dictionaries, sermons devotionals and more.

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Over 150 searchable translations.

Study helps, devotionals

and more.

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Much like Bible Hub with more limited resources. Does have the extremely useful feature of corresponding verses highlighting on mouse hover when you are on a computer (doesn't work on IPads, Phones, etc.) with multiple language translations open.  

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English translation of the Bible with 60,932 translators' notes sponsored by the Biblical Studies Foundation.

Excellent resource for anyone interested in Textual Criticism.

Formal Classes

Dakota Baptist Ministry Training Institute

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Announcing an exciting opportunity for pastors and church leaders around the Dakotas! The Dakota Baptist Ministry Training Institute will be offering an Introduction to Hermeneutics class starting September 9, 2019. This will be a 13-week course and is our initial offering toward creating an online learning space for people who minister in the Dakotas. We will be offering additional classes in the spring and beyond to enable students to earn a certificate and college credit from Spurgeon College and Midwestern Seminary. Courses will be taught by Dakota Baptist instructors. Click on either banner above to go to the Dakota Baptist Convention website and scroll about halfway down the page for more information or contact Jeff Musgrave or 701-818-8801.

Training God’s People in God’s Word for God’s Work

Classes & Sermons

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An amazing collection of courses on the Bible and theology from top Biblical professors for free. Everything from new believer classes, Church History classes, classes on Christian Living and Leadership classes to seminary level Biblical Hermeneutics, Systematic Theology and Textual Criticism (an awesome class!) can be found here. All classes are available in audio and many in video as well. Be prepared to want to spend hours here!

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The Sermon Network is the world’s largest collection of sermons online… more than 1,000,000 messages. Search by topic, speaker, ministry name, and other terms. provides the listener (free of charge & no account required) access to the archive of sermons, teachings, and live broadcasts… to encourage their personal journey into an eternal Relationship through Christ.

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Impressive library of sermons from churches and ministries worldwide. Search for sermons by speaker, topic, Bible or date. Listen to featured speakers such as R.C. Sproul, John MacArthur, Paul Washer, John Piper and James White. Listen to Classic Speakers, Reformers and Puritans. Or listen to sermons by pastors at local churches everywhere.

Other Fun Resources

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Want to learn a little or a lot of Biblical NT Greek (Koine). You don't need to be a Pastor or go to seminary. Anyone can learn some! On this website are both free and paid classes.

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All things are better in Koine

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28th Edition Online

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CSNTM has collaborated with more than 40 institutions on 4 continents to produce more than 350,000 images of New Testament manuscripts. View these images at CSNTM's digital library. 

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